Importance notice about your phone and computer.


I have bad news for you!
On August 18th, 2020 - I hacked your operating system and got full access to your devices (your phone and your computer).

Don't bother changing your passwords, I will intercept it every time, I have access to your devices that only when you throw them away is when I no longer have access, which is not what I think you want to do.

How I got it into your devices?
I first hacked your router and got in, then I hacked your devices which was connected to the same WIFI, that is why I am able to send you a message using your own email address (alxsteele.niblog@blogger.com).

What I have access to?
I have your address book, the history of websites you visited, all your files, pictures, videos, and phone numbers of all your contacts on your phone and computer.

I can lock your phone or computer at wish, because I have access to your text messages, emails, and pictures which I want to share with your contacts,(your friends, relatives and work colleagues) to ruin your reputation. I have recorded you countless times via your webcam and listened in to your conversations using your webcam ( next time cover your webcam and disable your microphone) and would publish even the dirty websites and videos you watch.

I can make you lose your friends, colleagues, and job.

What you should do?
-Do not bother looking for a way to remove the virus, even if you succeed, I will share the videos i made of you, the voice records i made of you,your personal pictures that i have downloaded from your phone and laptop with your colleagues and friends ,your life will still be ruined.

You have to send bitcoins to the below address In the next 72 hours, failure to do so will result in all your data been exposed to your everyone on your email contact list, and also your phone contacts.

Bitcoin Address: 1FNM8p9pEQ3mXHhAstqfpNKGBy5HZw4eJd

AMOUNT: 0.08 BTC (approximately)

Copy the address perfectly, with no mistakes

"Search Google for how to send bitcoins"; your time starts now.

PS: Once bitcoins are received the malware will disarm itself automatically as you would receive a notification to update your device to avoid security breaches.

All the best.

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