Stretching Imagery

Today I learned that printers need pictures to be 300dpi, which means that shots taken at lower dpi but larger than the necessary dimensions can be reduced to the necessary size. The opposite is also true, that something shot or scanned at a higher dpi can be increased in size proportional to x where x equals the pixel quality higher than 300.

I also learned sometimes the workplace is the environment in which heart-felt insecurities arise, showing the strain of an image stretched beyond its pixelation. Sometimes the straw that broke the camels back really had nothing to do with the straw and everything with the ten-ton weight dropped on the camel’s back moments before. And, sometimes it’s the work environment that pushes someone beyond controllable environments but what comes out thereafter has little or nothing to do with work. I feel like G1 has some issues that have little or nothing to do with me, save that I sadly exasperbate the areas of hurt, fear, or insecurity that reside in a wounded heart. Sometimes, an image just can’t be stretched any more, and you need to go to a different image. Sometimes, sadly, that’s true for people too.

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