The Exportation of Authority

Today I learned that you can export a Quark file as a .PDF and include all bleeds and printer markings. Also, trim to bleed means that one-eighth of an inch will be lost in any cut. And here, I thought that only happened in the woodshop. There is a lot of similarity between the workshop and the print shop.

I also learned that the right decision is not always the easy one. I am still feeling out the issues with G1 and G2. I survey a road long tread before, looking back for a history that will be the key to understanding the present. What role does affirmation play, what role authority? That which is granted cannot be earned, given up, nor relinquished without great sacrifice. Those to whom authority has been given, let them wield it with benevolence, gentleness, and service; but let me not relinquish it in the silence of inactivity evoked by fear. To do what is right: that is hard. To do what is right in a way that is good: that is the challenge of human ability.

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