When People & Process Break Down

Today, I learned that files don't all work the way they are supposed to, regardless of what you do. Andrew created a file for me in InDesign but when it exported, the .tiff would not print. I spent eight hours on something that should have taken me two.

I also learned that hard decisions have hard unforeseen consequences. G1 spoke a dozen words to me today, all telling me what I needed to do differently with regard to some given projects. In the face of challenge, I shy away from the place of responsibility. I tell others I am a farmer and a writer. Am I, or do I pursue those professions the way that Moses pursued shepherding: hiding out the wrath of a foreign king, content to give myself to obscurity out of fear? I stand upon the precipice and survey the unknown future. Success is not in question. The current of purpose runs much deeper. Lord, grant wisdom.

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