The Image Behind the Words

Today I learned that it is essential to separate the images from the text. I received one of the job jackets back sometime in the middle of last week. I kept wrestling with the message. My intuitive alarms were going off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. In talking with my boss today, I see that I was really wrestling with the text more than with the “message.” The text didn’t have our key words, main concepts, and only one tagline. New key words were repeated, old concepts phrased in new ways. For example, “Don’t frown. Have a soda pop,” rings quite differently than, "Have a Coke and a Smile!' The idea is the same; the wording is exactly wrong.

I also learned that my heart aches with a longing to work at something more substantial, something more lasting and meaningful. I ache with desires unmet in the day-to-day churning of projects and deadlines. Half-completed walls at home are but a sign of my struggle with an incomplete calling inside. Shannon asked, “Will you ever come home happy from work?” Lord, only you know. So I stand and stifle a yawn as I push through the resistance of my own dis-ease. I take up another job jacket and set to the task of knowing that repetition is at the heart of habit, and habit can produce in the long run a productivity that boldly answers, “I was made for such a time as this.”

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