Waiting for the Update

Today I learned that sometimes it takes 10 hours to do what it should only take 2 to accomplish. An outdated driver simply refused to interact with my OSX updates, completely removing the ability to print directly from Quark. Nothing that IT tried would get the printer and my MAC to play nicely. And so the day was more, “Make changes. Export. Wait Print. Wait. View. Edit. Change. Export. Wait. Print. Wait…” and so on.

I also learned that the changes we want to see in the lives of others—or, for that matter, our own lives—often don’t come when we expect them to, and rarely as quickly as we desire. Maturing in people comes like waiting for Quark to export my 10 meg document so I can open it in Acrobat and print it: rushing it will only screw up the process. So I wait. I watch for change, seeing none, but ultimately trusting that something is happening, that God has not forgotten me…or anyone else for that matter. What can I do but wait, watch, pray, wait, watch, pray, and only occasionally speak.

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