Because…(for Dr. Wilber Wallace)

Because a man is more than what years reduce him to:
more than age and indignity,
more than wrinkles and time,
more than the ability to speak, laugh, sing,
or smile;

Because the frailty of body fails to capture:
the spirit of a man unbound,
his dreamy days and hopeful nights
his greatest glories
earth has never known;

Because the heart and mind are more than flesh and blood:
more the organs of music than of life,
greater vessels of adventure than of blood
more the vehicle of divine glory
than the mode of articulation.

What is man that God is mindful of Him:
a little lower than the angels,
crowned with glory and honor,
ruler over the works of creation?

O Lord, our God, how Majestic is Your name
in all the Earth!

Because this pettiness and vile derision is not the end:
you stand upon the banks of the Jordan,
heaven anxious to receive you
in the hands of a Savior
who has redeemed you, body…
body and

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