The Cost of Inconsistency

“If it's ethically acceptable to use up and destroy fully human embryos with all the potential they have, how is it right to provide for hybrid embryos, with less potential of viability, greater protection?."British MP Liberal Democrat Evan Harris.

Good question. If the potential for human life doesn’t have value, then neither does the potential for less-than human life? And so the birds come home to roost. For over 15 years, the West has legalized abortion. Should it surprise any of us that cross-species dabbling should seem anything but normal?

Harris is at the very least consistent—in a world where most people live in the center of contradiction. Ultimately, it will not be the legislators of permissibility who change the downward course devaluing human life—but rather people like Evan Harris and Peter Singer (with his applied ethics). Those who want to hold in tension some sense of moral rightness and practical contradictions, create the issues we now face. Give voice to Singer and Evans—let them yell that our contradictions are unacceptable and if human embryos can be mutilated for science, then why not mingled, mixed, and mutated?

It was Nietzsche who argued that the anti-Semitism of post-WW I Germany was a trapping of the old religion of man. Ironic that the most outspoken critics are those most radical in their position....

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