Top 10 Lessons I learned from “Mansfield Park” (by Jane Austin)

1. Even halfhearted attempts at good pursuits can produce the purest good and greatest glory.
2. To be simple is not a vice; to be shallow is. Simplicity can be overcome with patient instruction, but shallowness is rarely plumbed.
3. A woman who loves a man “save for his occupation” loves only the figment of her imagination imposed upon another being.
4. A father does well to mind the unnecessary praising of his daughter’s beauty and qualities by those who have set their hearts upon her social successes.
5. A man who must have the attention of any woman will lose, in the end, all hope of having the love of one.
6. Sin is entirely less satisfying 3 months in, as it was at the onset of deception.
7. How one speaks concerning good is less revealing of the inclinations of the heart than how one speaks concerning evil.
8. One illness in this life can do more to bend us straight than the innumerable blessings received.
9. In the end, what you most fear is less likely to happen than that which you never even considered a possibility. That’s why they are called “blind spots.”
10. There are far worse things in life (and the character of a man) than marrying your cousin.