ABC's Castle: A Review (of the Season Finale)

Maybe It's ABC That's Lost

Castle is one more in a long series of failed attempts by Disney's ABC to win viewers hearts and loyalty. The show is named for one of the two main characters, Richard Castle (played by Nathan Fillion)—a mystery novelist who puppy-dogs a female detective, Kate Beckett, (played by Stana Katic). And do I ever mean puppy-dog!

(Richard) Castle is like a big kid—driven by his desire for sex, clueless in his ability to shepherd his daughter through the pitfalls of adolescence (like sexual responsibility), and living as a divorced bachelor in a wealthy house full of large-screened entertainment systems. He drinks, smokes, and gambles at night with his buddies, and is occasionally visited by a pop-in mother who relates to her son like a child. Castle's ex-wife/publisher even says about him, "He's such a little boy sometimes. I don't know why." (click here to read more)

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