"How Long Before We Get There?" and Other Hardwired Phrases Children Say

Traveling with Children is Always Interesting, and Sometimes Humerous

Five minutes out of the driveway, just about the time the car started warming up and my mug of coffee started cooling off—it started. Windshield wipers swished. Rain fell. Tires splashed. Then: "How long before we get there?"

Science is Wrong: Children Aren't Blank Slates
I've historically accepted the theory that children are linguistically Tabula rasa when born. But as I grow older, I'm beginning to think there are some phrases that are hardwired into them. Phrases like, What's for dinner? and, Can I watch a movie? and, Are we there yet? Other phrases are hardwired out of children. For example, I've never heard one of them ask unprovoked, "When can I go to bed?" or "May I have some more Brussels sprouts, please?" (Brussels sprouts: what are those...(click here to read more)

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