Running in Rain

I forgot running in rain
Forgot the first chill drops
goose bumps and sting
Forgot drops in pairs whisper sighs
by the millions moaning cry

Forgot feet splash

Forgot how water seeks the lowest place
Down farther
downs trees
breaks rocks
erodes earth
Forgot how long straight sidewalks dip
how dry ground becomes flood

Forgot how rain renders light heavy
cotton shirt
running shorts
socks a burden
shoes an anchor
metered out drop by drip
not all at once like death
but little by little like dying

Forgot how strange to young eyes running in rain
Forgot how like dragon skin the peeling off of wet
the after smallness where nothing seems to fit
not shirt
not skin
not me

I forgot running in rain



Justin Sembler said...

Joel, I love running in the rain. Your words bring to life the joy and struggle, the washing and cleansing a good run in the rain brings. When my youngest son nearly died, after his surgery, I went for a long run in a heavy rain and my heart was lightened. I might add to your work, "I forgot the chafing of the inner thigh, I forgot running in the rain.."

Unknown said...

Yes, Justin. That too, only I wasn't sure how to include it. Because once you go there, you have to include spandex shorts, vaseline, etc amd things get weird.